“Dear Alanna, that 007 little implement you gave me: I started to view it by myself, not even remembering who gave it to me and decided that I needed to share it.  Fortunately, two faculty members from a US college were staying in my house along with a member from the local university and there were ten students from the US with whom I had been interacting who were waiting in my study space to be taught. I invited them to flop down on the carpet of the entrance to my dinning room and view the video. How informative especially for black students in a US college. How apropos for me whose business is to complete my study of African-American/African Caribbean relations! And the work is so good- the photography, the clarity of the speakers and the interviews. Congratulations. I see from your communications that there is more for you to be congratulated about. You are obviously doing good work. Keep me informed.”

Erna Brodber, Author and Historian, University of the West Indies, Jamaica

“First, Alanna Lockward is not simply critiquing, she is creatively retrieving. She is doing this expressly for a particular constituency – a congregation, even. But precisely because of that, her project speaks to the world. No abstracted critique required.

Second, Alanna Lockward is doing far more than rehearsing the trope of the Black Atlantic. As insightful as it was, that trope consigned Africa to the dustbin of history. It was geoculturally Hegelian. But in her report, Richard Allen sends us forward with ALL the continents. Nothing is left behind.

Third, Lockward shows us that enslaved peoples used everything at their disposal. And why shouldn’t they? Bible too. We should be careful not to exoticise spirituality in our decolonial quest. If we proceed by making colonial binaries between “true” spirituality and “western” religion we will cut our own selves up. “Allen Report. Retracing Transnational African Methodism” reveals that enslaved peoples reshaped the cross of suffering into a crossroads of healing.

Big ups to the max to this opera prima. What a lesson for us all. And, as it is written at Mother Bethel AME Church: Ring the bells of freedom throughout the world. Rise, shine, give God the glory for the year of jubilee”.”

Robbie Shilliam, Reader in International Relations, Queen Mary University of London.