La Constitución Haitiano-Dominicana de 1843, (1995), by my father, Jorge Alfonso Lockward Pérez, is about the only constitution that was jointly written by citizens of both sides of the island. This initiative was groundbreaking and failed completely but nevertheless Lockward Pérez proposes to analyze its content and context with the utopian will to create new spaces for dialogue and understanding for both nations. This book emphasizes a historical fact also consistently argued by sociologist and historian, Prof.  Franklin J. Franco:

“During the last 100 years, Dominican traditional historiography refuses to admit that according to the protocols of our National Independence, the document of January 16, 1844 , Dominicans voluntarily joined the Republic of Haiti. Our historiography does not accept this reality and instead we were taught at school about the “Haitian Occupation“ or “Haitian Invasion”, but never about integration, let alone voluntary.“

Franco, Franklin J. (2005), Remanentes ideológicos racistas de la esclavitud (I). Areíto. Hoy. 21.08.05

Almost immediately after the Constitution of 1843 was written, the part of the island colonized by the Spaniards that voluntarily integrated itself to the new Republic of Haiti demanded its independence after 22 years (In 1844) and thus became the Dominican Republic. This marks an unusual scenario of an independence struggle not from a European nation but from another former colony. During the next ten years Haiti embarked in several military campaigns against the new Dominican nation-state.

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