Article 14: Toute acception de couleur parmi les enfants d'une seule et même famille, don't chef de l'Etat est le père, devra nécessairement cesser, LES HAÏTIENS NE SERONT DÉSORMAIS CONNUS QUE SOUS LA DÉNOMINATION GÉNÉRIQUES DE NOIRS..

On Article 14 of the Haitian Constitution, published by Jean-Jacques Dessalines in 1805 based on the draft composed by Toussaint Louvertoure in 1801, all citizens of the new Republic of Haiti were declared Black, including those white Europeans that helped them achieved independence as well as white European women married to locals. This was the first time that Blackness as a political category was used and is a defining moment of Black Consciousness worldwide. Please check “Ahora somos todos negros” (2010) realized by Juan Carlos Romero, in Argentina, in commemoration of the 200 years of Independence struggles in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Full version of 1805 Constitution (in French)


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